Executive Summary

COEURATIVE, Inc. is a privately owned pharmaceutical development company incorporated in Delaware and operating in Virginia. COEURATIVE was formed to create and develop curative strategies for the management of cardiovascular diseases related to cellular hypoxia.

Cellular hypoxia can be defined as a lack of oxygen at the level of individual cells, not necessarily related to a lack of oxygen at the level of a whole organism or an environment. Most cardiovascular diseases involve a deficiency of oxygen delivery to cells (cellular hypoxia.) The market for products that facilitate long-term management of these conditions will grow along with the population of patients. A successful compound should generate an average of $2 billion a year for ten years following ten years of development.


Heart and blood vessel diseases remain the leading causes of death in the developed world. There are still substantial opportunities for clinical development of small molecule compounds for treatment and prevention. Health care providers point with some pride to the substantial decreases in the death rate due to cardiovascular diseases. The truth is that our success has created a new population of patients: people who used to die of these diseases are now becoming chronic patients in need of long term management. Cardiovascular diseases are growing in prevalence and will continue to be the most significant public health challenge.

We are seeking novel pathways for raising capital, not limited to the raise of $1 million now underway for a Series Seed Preferred Stock offering.


The annual costs of cardiovascular diseases in the United States will reach $1.1 trillion in 2035. The costs of caring for this patient population will become increasingly burdensome and pharmaceuticals will remain the most cost-effective strategy for long-term management of chronic cardiovascular diseases. COEURATIVE is developing a new class of pharmaceuticals based on twenty years of research on the regulation of hypoxia-mediated events in blood vessels.

Patent No. US 10,501,471 titled “COMPOUNDS USEFUL FOR TREATING CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES” was issued on December 10, 2019. COEURATIVE has been assigned this patent by the inventor, Dr. John Schmedtje. COEURATIVE has recently moved to build a family of patents with a new continuation-in-part application and an international filing with the World Intellectual Property Organization under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Our proprietary compounds are designed to facilitate beneficial responses in the inner lining of the blood vessels (including anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory effects) in response to hypoxia (relatively low oxygen.) Most cardiovascular diseases are associated with oxygen-mediated stress. We believe these drugs will reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction in patients with coronary disease, among other benefits.  The pre-clinical development of this novel class of agents is set to continue with studies in human cell culture to refine our candidate compounds in cellular models of cardiovascular disease.

John F. Schmedtje Jr., MD
President and CEO
Coeurative, Inc.
201 McClanahan Street SW
Roanoke, VA 24014

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